Please Read. It Saves Many Questions



When you bring your amp to me I'll ask you for a contact phone number. Please give me a number that you will actually answer.

If I cannot contact you, your amp goes to the back of the queue.

I prefer to use the Alexander Graham Bell Modern Electric Telephone to actually speak to you and will not enter into lengthy conversations via text message or email.

I'm too old for all that and prefer to speak to my fellow humans. That's what that hole in the front of your face and those sticky out bits on the sides of your head are for.....

Emails are checked and responded to twice a day. We do have a Facebook page, but I would rather speak to you than spend hours on the computer and my phone isn't permanently in my hand like most people these days!. At least I can get some work done!.

All repairs are guaranteed for 1 (One) month (28 days) from the date of completion of the repair. PLEASE NOTE: The warranty is not from the day you picked your amp up 3 or 4 weeks later and is not extended because you "Didn't play it", the wife/husband ran away with the milkman or because you were away on holiday etc. It WILL run out exactly 1 month (28 days) after the day I repaired it. NO exceptions! This warranty applies to the original repair only and any parts fitted to carry out that repair. It does not cover ANY existing components.

I'm sorry, but if your speaker fails a week after I fitted a new knob to your treble control, it's not covered!

Old gear that has been brought back to life after laying dormant for years can sometimes fail with a different fault after using it for a short time.


Payment is required when you collect your gear from me. BACS payments are accepted from private individuals only. A receipt will gladly be given if you require one. Sorry, cheques, credit/debit cards, Paypal, Bitcoin/Monopoly money, sheep, bags of sweeties and offers of sexual favours are not accepted.

Whilst I am happy to accept work from schools, colleges and religious establishments, the above payment terms will be strictly adhered to. I do not provide pro-forma invoices to be paid IN 30, 60 or 90 DAYS or when your accounts department/God of choice feels like it! Just to be clear on that.... Credit facilities are NOT available.


We don't require money up front, but occasionally with a reasonably expensive repair, I may ask for a contribution to help cash flow.

It is expected that you will collect and pay for your amp promptly when repaired, unless previously agreed.

You will be notified once when the gear is ready to collect. We don't have the time to constantly send reminders.

We will dispose of any repaired equipment that is not paid for after a period of 3 (Three) months to recover all our costs. This will be done in compliance with the Law Of Tort. Any 'Scrap' or un-repaired equipment will be disposed of after 3 (Three) months without further notice.

Sorry if this sounds a bit harsh, but generally we're dealing with large items and only have a finite space in which to store them.