Our Own Amps And Effects.


Anything for sale will be spotlighted here. Soundgas Ltd. are the only official retailer for our equipment. Please contact them via the link on the homepage for full details and information.






Occasionally, when we are not busy with repairs, I build amps for sale. These are not built to any specific order or request, but usually on a whim. Once completed and tested they are offered for sale. If the amp suits your style of playing, great. If not, sorry, maybe next time.


Effects Pedals

We also build, again when time allows, 'vintage' effects pedals. At the moment there is a choice of a fuzz pedal (similar to a Tone-bender) and a treble boost (similar to a Range-master). These are built with genuine Mullard Germanium transistors (While stocks last) for an authentic tone and have true bypass switching. The cases are unfinished to allow the artistic flair of the buyer to be utilised. By doing this, cost of the finished article is kept to a minimum.